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2023 Summer Golf Scramble

Golf Flyer Cropped.png

On June 22nd 2023, Jonna Bell had an acute aortic dissection, which many do not survive. That day she went through two major open heart surgeries spanning 9 hours. God had his hand on her and has through her whole recovery process. Her crisis started with an ambulance ride to Summit to then took a life flight to Centennial hospital for emergency surgery. She spent several weeks in the ICU recovering. Over the past month Jonna has had one fluid removal procedure, a stroke, and we are currently praying for healing over a blood clot in her left leg. She is currently back at Summit working through inpatient rehab. Although she has been in the hospital a little over a month she has not been without family or friends at her side. Her husband, Tim Bell, rarely leaves her side and if he does it’s because one of her 6 children, 4 children in law, 6 grandchildren, siblings, mother, or friends are by her side. Jonna has a lot to fight for and she is fighting. Our hopes are that she will come home next week. Though the road ahead is still long in terms of recovery, we are so grateful to be on it.

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